Approximately 205 million people in the United States use dental insurance benefits to facilitate the payment for oral health care services.1

Are those benefit dollars spent on the most cost effective, clinically appropriate treatments?

P&R Dental Strategies is an insights company that delivers actionable business intelligence solutions and objective dental quality measurement powered by DentaBase®, a national multi-payer claims database, and supported by an industry-leading team of dentists, consultants and statisticians. Our solutions are designed to contain costs, enhance efficiency, increase transparency and improve outcomes for dental payers, employers and consumers. With P&R Dental Strategies, you can:

  • 1. Deliver objectively measured dentist quality scores to plan members
  • 2. Clinically review dental claims for medical necessity (by licensed dentists)
  • 3. Identify dentists that are upcoding, unbundling and/or over-utilizing
  • 4. Detect potential fraudulent activity
  • 5. Classify claims that have a high probability of generating savings due to clinically inappropriate treatment — prior to payment
  • 6. Target dentists that are appropriate for a payers network
  • 7. Quantify dental utilization trends for accurate pricing models
  • And more!

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1 2015 NADP/DDPA Joint Dental Benefits Report on Enrollment