Network Development Module™

P&R Dental Strategies convened a panel of dental industry experts from a variety of payers with experience developing provider networks to design a web-based application to mine the vast claims data in DentaBase™ to support the business needs of network recruiters and developers. The end result is the Network Development Module™ (NDM), a DentSource™ solution which uses data-driven insights to identify and target the optimal set of individual dentists for inclusion in your network. The NDM provides easy access to comprehensive and detailed provider-level information essential to all aspects of network recruiting, management and development. Individual dentist-level information is available for the purpose of identifying, locating and recruiting appropriate providers. NDM users can zero-in on specific geographic areas, including MSA, county, state or even three digit zip code regions.  Users can then segment the dentist access point target market by:
  • Specialty
  • Discount (from the mean or percentile)
  • Network status