Get insights on where your dental plan products and processes stand in the market

Measure Market Position and Uncover Inefficient Utilization Management Practices with Two Reports from P&R Dental Strategies.

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Utilization Management Optimization Report

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Analysis Report


Benchmark Utilization Management Practices: The Utilization Management Optimization Report


1. Assess clinical criteria and guidelines


2. Evaluate edit/processor effectiveness


3. Reduce/mitigate the impact of outlier behavior


Improve your organization’s understanding of its utilization management practices with this competitive landscape report. Delivering a comprehensive review of UM practices, see where your organization stands when it comes to:

  • Traditional claims processing/edit practices
  • Benefit design norms
  • Utilization review criteria best practices

Unmatched Insight and Industry Expertise

In my 30 years in the dental industry, I have seen many reports of this type but nothing as comprehensive and as detailed with as much data to support it as this one.

Powered by DentaBase®, our multi-payer database including utilization data on nearly every dentist in the U.S., the Utilization Management Optimization Report delivers exclusive insights.

  • Assess your processes and results in the context of a competitive landscape.
  • Receive in-depth analysis of your utilization management policies and procedures from our industry experts.
  • Uncover potential areas to lower and contain costs.

Evaluates Every Facet of Your Utilization Management

The Utilization Management Optimization Report is an extensive look at your organization’s operations that ensures no part of your utilization management processes is left unexamined. Each delivered workbook provides procedure code-level evaluation of:

  • Benefit classification
  • Contract limitations, exclusions and frequency limits
  • Anonymized competitive comparisons
  • Recommended standard adjudication system edits/processor rules
  • Percentage of clinical recommendations for denial and/or alternate benefit coding
  • Standard documentation requirements for clinical review (where applicable) and comparison of clinical review guidelines/criteria

Recommendations Focused on Your Bottom Line: A Roadmap to Optimization

Utilization Management Optimization: A review for just one payer identified over $20 Million annually in cumulative estimated savings for implementing all identified processing/review guidelines in all procedure categories

Getting an expert perspective based on real data and in-depth analysis of an organization’s policies and procedures is a great way to uncover inefficiencies. Based on the recommendations in the Utilization Management Optimization Report, our experts will work with your team to:

  • Ensure that you understand the projected savings related to cost containment of each procedure code used in your current review processes.
  • Suggest a plan of action for significant cost containment and quality improvement initiatives that streamlines the inefficient or unnecessary parts of your utilization review operations.

Assess and Manage Dental Plan Operations: The Market Landscape Analysis Report

Powerful pricing and utilization insights to see how your plan stacks up to the market.

The P&R Dental Strategies Market Landscape Analysis Report provides a “diagnostic exam” of how a payer is performing relative to the market average from a cost and utilization standpoint. This annually updated report is powered by the most comprehensive multi-payer database available, DentaBase®, so you can be sure your commercial products are always compared against the most accurate and complete set of market data.

Why is my Cost per Patient so high? Is my Price per Treatment typical?

Questions like these are easier to answer with insights from the report. The Market Landscape Analysis Report dives deep into your cost and utilization to provide:

  • Both in-network and out-of-network performance metrics
  • State level analysis of Price per Treatment (Price), Treatments per Patient (Utilization) & Cost per Patient (Cost)
  • Geographic implications (e.g., statewide, regional, etc.)
  • Adult claim costs compared to Children claims costs
  • And more…

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