January 11, 2023

Past, Present, Future: Insights on the state of the dental market

Two business people looking at dental industry metrics

The dental market landscape continues to undergo changes and many dental payer organizations are asking what that future might bring. By leveraging our multi-payer claims database, P&R Dental Strategies would like to share some key learnings and past trends from our deep data sets and our DentalMarketWatch® Forecasting Report.

Navigating the changing oral health care market

We dove deep into the rich, granular data that allows P&R Dental Strategies to get an accurate picture of the dental market landscape. A few key findings:1

  • The current U.S. dental practice landscape. Our data revealed that 5.9% of active U.S. locations are large group/affiliated practices and that 25.8% are smaller multi-location groups. The majority (68.3%) are still unaffiliated single location practices. Notably, for the first time, the percentage of commercially insured patients treated by single practice locations dropped below 65% nationally in 2022, although this varies by state and procedure category.
  • In- or Out-of-Network? Nationally, 79% of all procedures for commercially insured patients continue to be provided by in-network providers (varies by state).
  • Dental patient insights. 73% of dental locations had an increase in overall patient volume and 27% continued to have lower patient volumes compared to pre-COVID.
  • Fee trends. There has been an 11% increase in the average submitted fee per treatment compared to 2019 (varies by procedure category).

All the guidance you need in the coming year

You may want to check out the recent P&R Dental Strategies webinar, “Past, Present, Future: Insights on the state of the dental market and how dental organizations can anticipate the future today.” In addition to the insights stated earlier, the webinar shares:

  • Patient volume analysis by procedure category
  • Treatment mix and volume
  • Which direction fees are trending
  • And more

The webinar draws on insights from our quarterly DentalMarketWatch® Forecasting Report. The report is made possible by leveraging our strong, 25+ year foundation in the dental industry, extensive clinical and analytics expertise, and large data network. Request a link to view the webinar and learn at your leisure — and contact P&R Dental Strategies for all your dental market analysis and workflow optimization needs!



1 Data updated October 2022 from P&R Dental Strategies Q3 2022 DentalMarketWatch® Forecasting Report