Insights and Opportunities in Commercial Dental Plans Using Informatics

Dental informatics have the potential to transform a payer’s understanding of the patient journey from initial treatment to future outcomes resulting from adherence to treatment protocols.

With benefits changes driving utilization patterns that ultimately impact a payer’s costs, the potential for designing more efficient plans through informatics is wide open.

In our recent Insights Series webinar “Caries Risk Management and Adherence to Treatment Protocols: Insights and Opportunities in Commercial Dental Plans Using Informatics,” we examined national high risk, regional, group/employer and doctor norms to see what relationships the data can highlight, how to segment patients by risk using cross-payer claims data and whether it’s possible to steer patients to dentists who have the highest adherence achievements. P&R Dental Strategies’ suite of dental quality, utilization management, network development and fraud and abuse detection solutions are designed to provide the business critical actionable insights you need to meet your goals.

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