Prepare Your Claim Review Process for Mississippi 2019 H.B. 752

Stay Compliant with Easy and Efficient Professional Claim Review (PCR) from P&R Dental Strategies.

Don’t Miss a Step

After July 1st, 2019 the new Mississippi State Law will require appeals of initially denied dental claims and/or reconsiderations of initially denied dental claims to be reviewed by an outside party. Don’t let H.B. 752 slow down your operations — we can help.

A Trusted Leader in Dental Claim Review

Improve your organization’s efficiency in maintaining fraud, waste and abuse objectives with Professional Claim Review

P&R Dental Strategies is the recognized leader in dental claim review with over 20 years of experience perfecting the dental claim review process for payers, third party administrators and self-insured organizations. We offer professional claim review services for all or just a part of your claim workload.

Nationwide, Comprehensive Coverage

Providing coverage across all 50 states including in-state licensure where needed, our team of over 70 highly skilled dentists expertly analyze claims to lighten a payer’s administrative load and ensure you’re not reimbursing for dental services that are not medically necessary or improperly documented.

Compliance Expertise

Compliance with state utilization review laws and regulations is a fact of life for everyone who works with dental claims. Yet tracking each state’s requirements and investing in systems to maintain compliance can be costly. The alternative of non-compliance is even more costly.

100% Compliance with State Turn Around Time Requirements

Our compliance staff has deep domain expertise in state utilization review laws and regulations plus we constantly track updates or alterations in the compliance landscape. The result is a turnkey solution for complete dental claims compliance.

  • 100% Federal and state Utilization Review compliance
  • Consultants in all States that require Home State Licensure
  • URAC Accredited
  • Comprehensive reporting capability
  • Rigorous quality assurance program for hiring, training and monitoring of consultants

100% Compliance with State Licensing Requirements

Smart Claim Review and Additional Utilization Review Solutions

Professional Claim Review (PCR) can be part of a comprehensive utilization review package that also includes:

Smart Dental Claim Selection and Predictive Analysis with Pronto®

Smart Claim Selection with ProntoPronto evaluates all of a payer’s daily claims volume in near real-time to predict which claims have the highest probability of generating savings and should be sent for utilization review. The insight Pronto provides creates additional capacity to review those claims that generate further savings.

  • Predict which claims have the highest probability of savings and should be sent for utilization review.
  • Reduce clutter in your system by eliminating consultant review of claims that are ultimately approved.
  • Improve provider relations by eliminating the “hassle factor” and targeting only those dentists that exhibit outlier behavior.
  • Scale and create additional capacity to review other types of claims and gain incremental savings.

Dramatically Improve the Productivity of Your Clinical Review Team with Claim Review Management System (CRMS)

Claim Review Management Systewm (CRMS)The Claim Review Management System is an application that streamlines the claims review process from end-to-end. Let your clinicians spend time on clinical issues, not administrative issues. Our highly acclaimed Claim Review Management System gives your dental consultants all the tools necessary to complete a claim review including:

  • Access to images
  • Policy information
  • Patient history
  • Strict compliance with laws and regulations

Streamline and efficiently manage your claim review process today with Professional Claim Review services from P&R Dental Strategies, the recognized Gold Standard in the industry. For more information please complete the form below.

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