Gain the data you need to examine and adjust your fee schedules using the new DentaFee In-Network Report from P&R Dental Strategies.

You know network dynamics vary by geography, provider specialty and consumer habits. It helps to have a trusted source of data to understand how those dynamics compare across the market when planning your fee schedules — a source that lets you evaluate variables and achieve your recruitment goals.

The new DentaFee In-Network Report is based on actual de-identified and aggregated in-network claims data from P&R’s multi-payer dental fee-for-service claims database, DentaBase®.

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See how the DentaFee In-Network Report can make planning your fee schedule easier and more accurate.

With the DentaFee In-Network Report you can:

Understand the average fee schedules for in-network dental services across the U.S. or across a state.

Compare the pricing impacts of new or proposed fee schedules to market averages.

Tune your in-network fee schedules to better maintain provider participation.

Drive patient satisfaction by ensuring fee schedules attract the right dentists to your network.

Maintain competitive pricing.

Equip your team with real, quantified benchmarks empowering you to be more competitive in employer/broker sales discussions.

Unique features of the DentaFee In-Network Report

This report is not like every other network fee report. Our methodology delivers three key differences critical for the most accurate fee schedule planning:

  • Actual, Non-imputed Data: Benchmarks in the report are based exclusively on actual, de-identified, in-network claims data from P&R’s multi-payer dental claims database, DentaBase. No imputed data is included.
  • Data Segmented by Specialty: Analysis is broken down by provider specialty so you have all the detail needed to make the best pricing decisions, assess fee schedule competitiveness and plan recruitment.
  • Separate from Out-of-Network Data: Data integrity is our priority: we don't co-mingle out-of-network data with in-network. Our report does not include out-of-network data.

The result is you get the most clear, most accurate fee schedule insights to make business decisions.

Get the full picture on in-network fees for one or several states. Guide your fee schedule adjustments using real data points. Ask us about the DentaFee In-Network Report.