DentAlert™ – An Early Warning System for Dental Outlier Abuse and Suspicious Provider Activity

The Essential Tool for All Dental Network, Fraud and SIU Managers

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Advanced Algorithms Search Your Claims Feed for Outlier Activity — So You Don’t Have To.


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Outlier abuse can be found all over

Get Ahead of Outliers Before They’re a Problem


Fraud, waste and abuse are common issues in the dental benefits industry and no payer is immune to their effects. Each can impact your bottom line, take up valuable hours of work and prevent you from effectively serving plan members.

Imagine the time saved if you didn’t have to scour your claims for signs of outlier activity, or if you could see beyond the claims you receive to glimpse whether a dentist is practicing as an outlier outside of your network. DentAlert taps into the power of DentBase®, the P&R Dental Strategies multi-payer claims database, to look not only for possible abuse in your own network, but across all payers in DentaBase — where patterns of abuse become even more evident — so it can better alert you of potential outlier behavior.

Simple Email Notifications Get You Moving Quickly

A subscription to our DentAlert outlier abuse watchdog service puts the power of DentaBase in easy reach for network teams of any size. Our Fraud Activity Spotting Technology (F.A.S.T.) advanced detection algorithms monitor your data feed for any warning signs of potentially fraudulent or abusive activity providing insights that are timely, accurate and actionable:

  • Email alerts notify you when suspicious behavior is detected and monitors providers both in- and out-of-network.
  • All alerts are reviewed by dental domain experts to ensure accuracy and relevance to your operations.
  • Your team is empowered with specific insights into your utilization and claims operations that can point to areas of concern.

DentAlert Does the Heavy-Lifting for You


Over 20 years of dental domain expertise analyzing claims data


Unobtrusive and cost-effective subscription service


Powered by advanced abuse detection algorithms working across over 65 payers and over 3.2 Billion procedures

Dental fraud, waste and outlier abuse can be efficiently managed with the simple yet powerful DentAlert service. Contact us to get started.