Provide member tools to inform oral healthcare decisions. Show employers you’re always innovating.

Until now, patients have had to rely on word-of-mouth or subjective online reviews to select a dental provider. With more employers asking payers to provide tools to help consumers make informed oral healthcare decisions, we developed DentaQual to meet this growing interest.

Objective quality metrics help payers respond to increased emphasis on quality, consumer engagement and dental outcomes improvement.

DentaQual uses statistical analysis of insurance claims data, sourced from DentaBase, P&R Dental Strategies’ multi-payer claims database. Dentists are compared to their geographic and specialty peers. No subjective reviews, surveys or testimonials are included. Measurement of quality is based only on a dentist’s real practicing behavior.

Offering objective DentaQual star ratings in your online provider directory demonstrates plan value and lets everyone know you put patients first.

Get beyond traditional plan value comparisons of network size and premium cost.

Payers that effectively assess, measure, leverage and communicate oral health outcomes and quality to providers and members can differentiate themselves in the market with DentaQual:

Show you prioritize quality oral health outcomes

Publishing objective dental quality star ratings in your provider directory shows your members that high-quality care is a priority.

Be seen as an innovator in the dental benefits market

Provide employers and members with transparency in provider information to help them make informed oral healthcare decisions. Access provider-level quality insights for all 50 states.

Encourage greater member satisfaction

Capitalize on trends in consumer retail fueled by greater availability of information. Support today's sophisticated comparison shopping members with more choice.

Leverage an independent quality measurement platform

DentaQual branded and calculated quality scores are attractive to plans looking for an independent, credible, third-party source for their quality ratings.

Designed to fit your needs

DentaQual supports a range of IT environments, from basic quality data feeds to fully rendered scorecards.

Demonstrate plan value to employers

Data-driven, objective quality scoring with multiple metrics across 5 categories, including treatment outcomes and commitment to best practices.

Put patient outcomes first, innovate and gain a true competitive advantage: DentaQual changes the dental quality conversation.

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