Dental Quality and Outcomes Matter

DentaQual® Is An Objective Measurement Platform Designed with the Needs of Payers, Employers and Consumers in Mind


Providing consumers with more content to make better buying decisions is a common trend in many industries. The dental industry is no exception: employers are recognizing the need to assist plan members to make better healthcare decisions in dental like they can in medical.

Employers are increasingly demanding that dental insurance payers provide the tools and content to enable consumers to make better health care decisions by providing quality scores on individual dentists. DentaQual® meets those demands with an objective, peer-to-peer and claims-based dentist quality measurement platform that can also support dental value-based reimbursement initiatives.

Unique and Objective Quality Measurement

DentaQual® scoring is based on an individual dentist’s "standard deviation from the norm," the norm being the average level of quality of a dentist’s peers in their geographic area. It is not based on pre-determined or subjective quality benchmarks such as user reviews.

Dentists are ranked based on measures in:

DentQual Score is derived from Treatment Outcomes, Patient Retention, Cost-Effectiveness, Commitment to Best Practices and Treatment Recommendations metrics

With outcomes-based measurement, the DentaQual® measurement platform provides a foundation to support payer specific initiatives such as:

  • Pay-for-Performance
  • Case Management
  • Peer Ranking

Quality Score Card Data to Enhance Your Member Portal

Payers can complement an existing member portal with dentist-specific quality score content that is flexible, scalable to nearly any IT environment and enhances consumer engagement.

DentaQual score card data can be integrated into nearly any member web portal

Demonstrate plan value to employers: Data-driven, objective quality scoring with metrics across 5 categories, including treatment outcomes and commitment to best practices

Unparalleled transparency: Provider-level quality insights for all 50 states

Designed to fit your needs: The DentaQual® Measurement Platform is flexible enough to support a range of IT environments, from basic quality data feeds to fully rendered score cards.

Delivered your way: Deliver either white label quality scores or DentaQual®-branded scores to plan members. DentaQual®-branded and calculated quality scores are particularly attractive to plans looking for an independent, credible third-party source for their quality ratings.

Example of DentaQual star ratings

Quality is the new product differentiator. Elevate your customer engagement discussion with DentaQual® from P&R Dental Strategies. For more information complete the form below.