Introducing DentSource™

DentSource is the home for:

Value-Based Reimbursement Program Support

Measurement of Provider Goal Progress

Powerful Practice Productivity Tools

Make DentSource Part of Your Provider Engagement Plans

Dental Value-Based Reimbursement Programs Are Now Achievable

Transparency is a critical success factor for any pay-for-performance program. Value-based initiatives have long been goals for dental benefits plans. With truly transparent measurement and administration of provider goal performance in DentSource, these programs are now easier to implement.

How does DentSource help support the administration of a dental value-based reimbursement program?

DentSource dashboard image

Dentist-Specific Dashboard:

Secure and transparent data for any dental office. Analyze performance metrics with security features for the dentist, practice and office personnel.

Payer Administration Dashboard:

Ease your administrative burden. Payer personnel can use transparent data reporting to assess who is and who is not on target in achieving certain performance goals.


Now Is the Time To Invest in Efficiency and Set a New Course.

The dental benefits industry continues to experience great change. Now is the time to plan how you’ll improve your provider relationships and maintain high quality of care for members in the new year. DentSource can help your team achieve these objectives and more.

What’s Coming With DentSource?

Enhance provider partnerships icon

Enhance provider partnerships with tools to help the dentist understand payment accounting.

Support value-based initiatives icon

Support value-based reimbursement initiatives with goal tracking and analytics for payer personnel.

Enable assessment of goals icon

Enable providers to assess current goal achievement and the steps required for success.

Customize performance measures icon

Customize to include your performance measures, based the behavior you want to incentivize.

See for yourself what DentSource can help you accomplish. Discover how you can enhance payer-provider interaction, streamline administrative functions and help improve oral health outcomes for your plan members. Complete the form below for more information.