Is Your Dental Plan Directory Accurate?
How Do You Know?

California SB-137 went into effect on July 1, 2016 requiring provider directories to be accurate. For any payer doing business in California it’s now critical to have the processes and tools in place to get and stay accurate. At the same time, the number of other states with some degree of provider directory oversight required is growing every day.1

Chart-States with Directory Accuracy RegulationsThe burden of ongoing compliance is resource intensive and P&R Dental Strategies’ web-based network analytics and optimization solution helps. Payers can maintain directory accuracy, identify the best dentists to include in-network and make recruiting more manageable with preferred capabilities and discounts — in short, they can beat the competition and gain market share.

Payers have easy access to comprehensive and detailed provider-level information essential to all aspects of network management with the ability to:

  • Maintain compliance with directory accuracy regulations through management of confirmed/unconfirmed provider information
  • Gain insights on individual provider fees that lead to better contracting and a discounted fee schedule with the right doctors
  • Increase the universe of potential network recruits and create qualified lead lists
  • Segment dentists in a specific geographic area into clear categories (e.g., utilization patterns and discounts) that show which dentists best meet the plan’s business objectives for that market.
  • Understand complex Payer-Access Point relationships

Are You Compliant? Get a Directory Analysis and Find Out.

Test your readiness with a complimentary analysis of a single 3-digit zip code* from your directory. You’ll soon have an idea whether your network is clean or needs a tune-up. Complete the form below to get started.

Managing Directory Accuracy

Many payers are struggling to comply with network directory accuracy regulations. Learn what can be done about it in our eBook “Network Accuracy: The New Compliance Imperative.”

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