What’s next for the dental industry? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Each quarterly report includes a rolling 12-month forecast.

In the DentalMarketWatch® Forecasting Report trends and projections are analyzed by our subject matter experts to generate strategy-guiding insights.

Simple trend graphs visualize insights and executive summaries are written by P&R dental domain experts to ensure every user can prepare for what comes next in the dental market.

Plus, every membership tier includes a supplemental big picture trends report highlighting key developments that will impact your business.

Don’t guess. Rely on the dental market leaders and the largest multi-payer claims database to make more informed strategic and tactical decisions across your organization:

  • C-suite executives can benchmark and compare performance against the market and steer the organization to meet new challenges. Learn how the COVID recovery is already different than the 2008 dental market recovery.
  • Actuarial teams can more effectively strategize fee development.
  • Claim teams can assess past and future utilization trends. In-network and out-of-network fee and procedure level views for more targeted projections. Assess past and future trends – including regional differences, in-network and out-of-network differences.

Membership plan tiers to match your forecasting insight objectives:

Delivered quarterly, each successive tier contains all of the benefits of the previous membership tiers.
To qualify for membership users must be an ongoing data contributor to P&R’s DentaBase®.


Treatment and Procedure Trends
  • Quarterly national trend report
  • Treatments per Patient, Procedures per Patient, Patient Volume actual and projected for 12 months
  • Procedure category trends: Exams, Imaging, Restorative, Endodontics, Periodontics, Implants, Oral Surgery, Adjunctive, Other


In- and Out-of-Network
Deep Insights
  • All of the features in Basic
  • Trends in Fees
    (In-Network and
  • Treatment Mix
  • Provider
    Distribution Changes


  • All of the
    features in Basic
  • All of the
    features in Silver
  • State-level


Dashboard Access Plus Benchmarking
  • All of the features in
    Basic, Silver & Gold
  • Dashboard
  • Payer Specific
  • Your performance compared to the average

With one of our DentalMarketWatch Forecasting Report membership levels, the future can be a little more certain. Contact us to learn more.

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