Stay Ahead of the Competition with Network Analytics that Preserve and Even Grow Market Share

Dental Network Analytics and Optimization from P&R Dental Strategies


Managing Directory Accuracy

Many payers are struggling to comply with network directory accuracy regulations. Learn what can be done about it in our eBook “Network Accuracy: The New Compliance Imperative.”


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P&R Dental Strategies’ web-based network analytics and optimization solution enables payers to maintain directory accuracy, identify the best dentists to include in-network, increase the universe of potential recruits and makes recruiting more manageable with preferred capabilities and discounts — in short, you can beat the competition, preserve and even gain market share.

Payers have easy access to comprehensive and detailed provider-level information essential to all aspects of network management and optimization with the ability to:

  • Maintain compliance with directory accuracy regulations through management of confirmed/unconfirmed provider information

  • Gain insights on individual provider fees that lead to better contracting and a discounted fee schedule with the right doctors

  • Increase the universe of potential network recruits and create qualified lead lists

  • Segment dentists in a specific geographic area into clear categories (e.g., utilization patterns and discounts) that show which dentists best meet the plan’s business objectives for that market

  • Understand complex Payer-Access Point relationships


Stay ahead of the competition with network analytics, optimization and recruiting solutions from P&R Dental Strategies. We’ll even provide a free* assessment of your directory’s accuracy. Contact us today to learn more:

*Free Network Matching Analysis is for a single 3-digit zip code. P&R Dental Strategies reserves the right to end this offer at any time without notice. Contact us for details.