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P&R Dental Strategies Learning & Informatics Summit 2018 - June 27-28 | Thompson Hotel Chicago, Illinois

Presentation Abstracts from the Summit

These abstracts are to provide an overview of the 2018 Learning & Informatics Summit presentations. If you’re interested in the full presentations, would like an invitation to future Learning & Informatics Summit events or want to speak with a P&R Dental Strategies reprsentative, contact us at: insights@pandrdental.com

Welcome & Overview: Paul T. Sheils, CEO

Speaker Presentation: Government Dental Programs: Past, Present, and Future

Lynn Douglas Mouden, DDS, MPH
Vice President, Quality and Performance, Avēsis Incorporated – a GUARDIAN Company

Speaker Presentation: Quality Assurance in the Practice of Dentistry An Academic Perspective

Juan F. Yepes DDS, MD, MPH, MS, DrPH
Associate Professor–Indiana University; Academic Scholar–State University of New York Buffalo; Attending Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, Indiana; Diplomate ABOM, ABDPH, ABPD

New Codes, New Tech, New Challenges – Top Data Trends and Lessons Learned from a Market in Motion


The Group Practice Puzzle: Piecing Together the True Impact of Groups and DSOs

The Building Blocks of a Best Practices Dental RFP: Network Evaluation Points

Quantifying Quality – The Value of Objective Measurement in the Dental Quality

Fraud Fighters – Outlier Abuse Trends and How to Manage Interventions


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