Learning & Informatics Summit 2019 Archive

P&R Dental Strategies Learning & Informatics Summit 2019 - June 26-27 | Thompson Hotel Chicago, Illinois

Presentations from the Summit

Linked below are full versions of the 2019 Learning & Informatics Summit presentations, available for a limited time. If you would like to speak with a P&R Dental Strategies representative about any aspect of this content, contact us at: insights@pandrdental.com.


New Decade, New Challenges, New Solutions: Highlighting Key Dental Data Trends and Market Projections

Staying on top of the latest trends and market developments is vital. Join our dental and analytics experts as we highlight key historical trends and explore market metrics straight from the largest dental database. What can we learn from DentaBase® and how can payers prepare for what’s coming next?


Fighting Fraud 101: Equip Your Team with Advanced Data Tools to Combat Outlier Abuse

Outlier abuse happens but incorporating data and advanced analytics into your operations can diminish its impact. Learn more about the latest utilization review trends, practice-level vs. dentist-level comparisons and new approaches like ‘fraud management as a service’ to arm your organization against the effects of fraud, waste and abuse.


The DSO Debate: Differences between Groups and Unaffiliated Practices and How They’ll Affect the Industry in the Next Decade

DSO’s and their effects on the dental landscape are always a hot topic. See what the data has to say about how they may impact you in the next decade. Will DSOs affect quality of care and your bottom line? How can you keep your network accurate and compliant when dealing with constant DSO movement?


Beyond Star Ratings: A Look at the Use Cases and Impact of Dental Quality Measurement

Employers and consumers are demanding ever more transparency from their dental plans. Many payers are equally concerned about improving patient outcomes in the communities they serve as they are about cost implications. We’ll look at what greater industry use of objective quality measurement could mean and how raising awareness of quality measurement among dentists could have large and beneficial effects for all.


Your UM Engine Tune-Up: How to Run at Optimal Performance Today, Tomorrow and in a Fast-Moving Future

Greater operational efficiency is critical to staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape. In this session we’ll show you how benchmarking your utilization management processes provides an instruction manual to tune operations in response to changes in the marketplace. Plus, we’ll look at in- and out-of-network fee trends that are impacting your place in the market landscape in ways you might not realize.

If you have any questions about the presentations, would like to speak with someone about ways to maximize the efficiency of your business or to find out how P&R Dental Strategies solutions can help deliver incremental savings email us at insights@pandrdental.com.

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