Build and Manage Your Ideal Dentist Network

Network development and optimization solutions designed to support the business needs of recruiting and network development teams, including easy Premier-PPO cross-recruitment.


Powered by our national multi-payer claims database, DentaBase®, P&R Dental Strategies network intelligence and optimization solutions are available as either a Software-as-a-Serivce (SaaS) web-based tool or a turnkey, subscription-based network accuracy service.

Network Development Module

Comprehensive Network Management: The Network Development Module (NDM)

The Network Development Module (NDM) is a self-service, web-based tool that empowers payers to identify the best dentists to include in their network. With deep insights based on our extensive, multi-payer database, DentaBase, payers can use the NDM to:

Manage and optimize your network: robust search tools tap into the power of DentaBase to deliver detailed profile insights on dentists in-network and out-of-network

Increase the range of potential recruits and network prospects.

Help manage a network with preferred capabilities and discounts.

Segment a dentist population by financial risk.

Gain insights on individual dentist fees to help maximize network contracting and recruiting.

Looking for an Easy Way to Cross-Recruit Providers to a PPO Network?

Many payers struggle with encouraging providers to contract with a PPO network and accept a lower fee schedule. But smart dental network recruiting tools can help you meet every challenge in network development and management. The NDM is specially-designed to help you find the right providers: Leverage the largest dental database, DentaBase®, to search by dentist behavior, location, fee acceptance and more. Build the ideal network with the Network Development Module in these 5 easy steps:

  1. Develop your recruitment list by identifying providers currently accepting Premier network-only.
  2. Review each provider’s accepted fees to further segment and target those that will accept a PPO fee schedule.
  3. Identify whether or not the provider is participating in other commercial PPO networks.
  4. Ensure you’re only targeting providers at active/confirmed locations based on our claims data and provider file updated each month.
  5. Clean your target list by including only dentists with utilization behavior that fits your network standards.

Get Specific with Provider-level Search

Individual dentist-level information is available for identifying, locating and recruiting appropriate providers. Users can zero-in on specific geographic areas by:

  • Metropolitan statistical area
  • County
  • State
  • Three-digit zip code regions

Segment a dentist target market by:

  • Specialty
  • Discount (from the mean or percentile)
  • Network status

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Network Directory Accuracy Service

Accurate, Compliant & Completely Turnkey: The Network Directory Accuracy Service

For an entirely turnkey, subscription-based solution to managing network accuracy you may be interested in the Network Directory Accuracy Service. Every network management department will benefit from P&R Dental Strategies’ Network Directory Accuracy Service.


This service maintains and documents directory accuracy by utilizing our exclusive provider outreach infrastructure and proprietary multi-payer database, DentaBase.

  • Identifies inactive dentists/locations by matching your provider directory against our master list
  • Cross-references claims activity from any payer in DentaBase during the most recent 30 days of paid claims data
  • Provides outreach to remaining dentists/locations (based on monthly percentage to accomplish one touch every six (6) months where applicable)

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