The MarketVector™ Payer Forecasting Report from P&R Dental Strategies

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Purchase a MarketVector Report subscription before March 1, 2017 to receive the introductory annual rate of $950.[1]In our Insights Series webinar “Painting the Big Picture: Trend Analysis Driven by Cross-Payer Dental Claims Can Unlock New Product and Pricing Vistas,” we discussed trend analyses with historical and predictive data and how these trend insights can be used to inform pricing and product strategies. With the MarketVector® Report historical trends and 6-month look-ahead projections, you can gain new clarity on the dental industry trends affecting your pricing strategies and plan designs. This subscription-based report provides:

  • Trends on actual cost per treated patient, price per procedure, treated patient utilization and more, both in-network and out-of-network
  • Insight on observed industry norms you can use to compare with your trends
  • A “big picture” view of the dental market that makes it easy to apply to your organization
  • Pricing that won’t break the budget

MarketVector® Frequently Asked Questions

What is MarketVector?

MarketVector is a new report from P&R Dental Strategies that that leverages our cross-payer data warehouse and proven analytics to provide historical and 6-month predictive trends for actual cost per treated patient, price per procedure and treated patient utilization as well as insights and observations about these trends.

The MarketVector Report is delivered twice annually, however, we update our data and process it through our analytics tools and projection models each month so that we can constantly refine insights for upcoming releases.

Who can use MarketVector?

The report was developed especially with actuarial and underwriting professionals for commercial dental plans, programs and insurance companies in mind. Finance professionals and those who develop products and plan designs for their organization may also find interest in the historical market trends and projections available in the report.

What do you get with each MarketVector Report release?

Each release is an Adobe PDF file that includes:

  • Historical trend charts and data tables for average treated patient utilization, price per procedure and cost per treated patient for both in-network and out-of-network
  • 6-month projection of trends for each of the above
  • Insights and observations based on trends for treated patients that we’ve observed in our cross-payer database, DentaBase®

Which of the three trends (price, utilization, and cost) is comparable to the trend we use in pricing?

Cost trend is considered the aggregate trend used in pricing. It is made up of both price per treatment trend and utilization per patient trend.

Does the relationship between in-network and out-of-network costs in the MarketVector report reflect the “effective” discount achieved by the average marketplace network?

Yes, the difference between in-network and out-of-network cost per patient is the “effective” discount achieved by the average marketplace network. For example, if the in-network cost per patient for a given experience period is $435 and out-of-network it is $450, then the “effective” network discount is 3.45% (i.e. $450/$435 — 1). This “effective” discount includes the combined impact of both price and utilization differences between in-network and out-of-network services.

What does MarketVector Cost?

The report rate is $1,000 annually which includes two reports, one every six months.

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1 The price of an annual MarketVector™ Report subscription is $1,000 with an updated report sent twice per year. Additional terms and restrictions may apply. Contact P&R Dental Strategies for details. 2 Pricing for a customized MarketVector™ Report varies depending on your objectives. Contact us to begin a discussion.