Dental network directory accuracy made simple.

Every network management department will benefit from P&R Dental Strategies' Network Directory Accuracy Service. This turnkey solution maintains and documents directory accuracy by utilizing our exclusive claim review infrastructure and proprietary multi-payer dental claims database, DentaBase®.


  • Utilizes DentaBase monthly updates
  • Leverages the P&R Dental Strategies account support infrastructure for provider outreach
  • Supports compliance with various network accuracy laws, including a documentation trail

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See how the Network Directory Accuracy Service can clean your provider directory and keep it that way — delivering a compliant and positive customer experience.

What you get with the Network Directory Accuracy Service

Remove Inacuracies

Get a list of provider/locations to remove from your directory based on actual claims activity in our multi-payer database (list can go to Contract Management for updating).

See Who’s Active

Receive a list of all dentists/locations with actual claims activity at the location in the most recent 30 days of DentaBase claims data.

Compliance Documentation

Obtain an outreach documentation trail (including letter images and phone call documentation) captured for compliance support.

Optional Features

Augment your insights with a list to incorporate provider-level insights on Overall Abuse Scores and Financial Risk Scores.

And if you're looking for a self-service dental provider network management tool, consider our Network Development Module.

Accurate and optimized: Seek and find the “perfect fit” providers with advanced search tools powered by dental data you can’t get anywhere else.

Our Guide to Building and Managing the Optimal Network will tell you more.

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