Put big data to work.

Practice consolidation & relocation, open status, dentist retirement. Provider movement and affiliations can all be understood — with the right data. Empower your team with provider location data you can rely on and the practice insights you need to find the best dentists to build and manage your network.

The Network Development Module draws on the power of DentaBase®, our vast, multi-payer dental claims database containing data on over 200,000 active U.S. dentists and billions of dental claim records. Advanced provider search and mapping tools right in your browser make the NDM an essential tool for any network development or provider relations team.

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See how the Network Development Module can make it easier to build and manage your optimal provider network.

5 Reasons to Manage Your Network with the Network Development Module

What you get with a NDM subscription

Most Accurate Location and Dentist Information

Search by specialty, network status, discount and more. View confidence rankings based on rigorous research and outreach.

Know Who’s

See which dentists are actively practicing since April 1st, 2020 at each access point with a simple Yes/No flag.

Align Recruitment to Specific Plan Strategies

Filter and export based on fee schedule, financial risk and preferred capabilities.

Enter New Geographies with Confidence

See market penetration and increase the range of network prospects.

Date Stamp

Last Date of Service Indicator displays each provider’s most current visible date of service.

And more!

Network Development & Management for a Challenging Dental Environment.

The Network Development Module is the most comprehensive source of dentist location and behavior information available.

Since the global pandemic shutdown and reopening of the dental market, change will continue to be the norm for the forseeable future. Understanding where providers are, who’s actively practicing and how their practicing behavior may be changing is only possible with comprehensive, multi-payer data.

Whether you’re adjusting your network strategy or just looking to expand and improve your dentist recruiting, the tools within the NDM empower payer teams to map their next move and get down to business.

Build and manage the optimal network for a today’s dental market with the Network Development Module, enhanced with our Active Status Indicator. For more information complete the form below.

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