Refresh Your Dental Provider Directory

Free Network Matching Analysis from P&R Dental Strategies

During our recent Insights Series webinar, Validating a Moving Target: When Dental Associates Don’t Stay Put, we shared some advice on provider network management and validating dentist locations. With sophisticated network optimization and management tools powered by our national cross-payer database, P&R Dental Strategies provides insights that:

  • Reduce administrative headaches associated with keeping your provider directory updated
  • Help maintain the accuracy of your directory and avoid issues affecting customer service and compliance
  • Uncover quality dentists and additional access points for your network recruitment
  • Ensure your directory benefits from inclusion of all confirmed locations regardless of provider movement

Dental Provider Directory Map PinA Free* Network Matching Analysis is Just a Click Away.

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We have a full suite of business intelligence solutions for dental insurers to contain costs, reduce fraud, maximize efficiency, increase transparency and improve outcomes. For information contact us at or call Mike Urbach at 856-986-6216.

*Free network matching analysis is for one U.S. region. Limited time offer – P&R Dental Strategies reserves the right to end this offer at any time without notice. Contact us for details.