News Release: P&R Dental Strategies Launches DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ Dentist Recognition Program

Inaugural DentaQual® EliteStar™ Dentist Award Recognizes The Top Dentists in the U.S. Based on the Objective, Data-Driven Quality Assessment Platform, DentaQual®

HAMILTON, NJ, September 25, 2018 — P&R Dental Strategies, LLC, the premier dental insights company delivering actionable business intelligence and objective dental quality measurement today announced the launch of the DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ recognition program and the EliteStar™ Dentist Award for the top dentists in the nation. The DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ program recognizes elite dentists practicing in the United States who have earned the highest ranking in P&R Dental Strategies’ DentaQual®, its objective, data-driven quality scoring system that is based on uniform, defined quality measures — not testimonials or surveys. To determine each year’s EliteStar™ Dentist Awards, DentaQual® leverages the data in DentaBase®, P&R Dental Strategies’ multi-payer dental claims database with data on virtually every one of the nearly 200,000 practicing U.S. dentists from over 65 national and regional dental benefits plans. DentaQual® ranks dentists across multiple categories of quality metrics, producing statistical rankings of utilization patterns, treatment history, adherence to clinical protocols and other metrics that demonstrate statistically superior behavior when compared to their peers. The top dentists selected by DentaQual® to receive the 2018 DentaQual® EliteStar™ Dentist Award are listed on the new DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ website at Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R Dental Strategies, said “Quality dental care deserves to be recognized. P&R Dental Strategies is proud to present these annual awards as a way to showcase each DentaQual® EliteStar™ Dentist’s commitment to providing the highest level of quality dental care. As an objective third-party, part of our company’s mission is to help transform the dental industry through data-driven analytics that advance the quality of care. Initiatives like our DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ program help elevate the discussion of quality in the industry by recognizing the dentists providing care that truly sets them apart from their peers.” For more information about the DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ program visit To learn more about P&R Dental Strategies, DentaQual® and our multi-payer database, DentaBase®, visit ###

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