P&R Dental Strategies and Denti.AI Join Forces in a Strategic Artificial Intelligence Partnership

P&R Dental Strategies and Denti.AI, a dental image artificial intelligence company, will create advanced computer vision-assisted utilization review tools for dental payers.

Hamilton, NJ, January 19, 2021 — P&R Dental Strategies, LLC (P&R), the leading business intelligence solutions provider to dental payers, today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Denti.AI Technology Inc. (Denti.AI), a leader in the emerging field of dental image artificial intelligence (AI). P&R and Denti.AI will join forces to create advanced AI-assisted dental image analysis tools to complement P&R’s suite of award-winning utilization review solutions for dental payers.

P&R Dental Strategies and Denti.AI logosPaul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R says, “This partnership is a perfect strategic and tactical fit. By combining P&R’s market-leading big-data and analytics expertise with Denti.AI’s deep AI expertise and innovative technology, P&R takes yet another bold step to further advance our mission to provide our dental payer clients with the most sophisticated and cost-effective technology-enabled solutions to optimize their dental operations. Denti.AI impressed us with their state-of-the-art computer vision technology, their deep dental clinical image analysis expertise and, best of all, their shared vision of how AI technology, including AI-powered dental image analysis, will be a key part of the future of dental analytics.”

Sheils added, “I’m particularly excited about our plans to deploy Denti.AI’s powerful AI-enabled dental image analysis engine to enhance and complement our industry-leading smart claim review selection tool, Pronto®, to deliver the most accurate, cost-effective and efficient ‘smart claim selection’ solution in the market. Indeed, when you combine the power of Denti.AI’s image analysis with the power of Pronto and top it off with our best-in-class technology-enabled professional claim review solution, you have the ultimate utilization review optimization solution trifecta.”

“We are thrilled to be entering into a strategic technology partnership with the premier big data and analytics company in the dental industry,” says Dmitry Tuzoff, Founder & CEO of Denti.AI. “P&R has built a reputation as the ‘Gold Standard’ in dental claim review and we’re excited to combine the power of our advanced AI-powered dental image analysis platform with P&R’s suite of advanced, technology-enabled utilization review solutions. I’m eager to show the market just how powerful it will be to combine the speed and accuracy of our AI-powered computer vision dental image analysis platform with Pronto’s big-data, algorithmic and rules based smart claim review selection engine. Our organizations are aligned in the belief that AI-powered image analysis can bring significant innovation to the dental claim review process and we’re excited to see what additional solutions we will develop together.”

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About Denti.AI Technology Inc.

Denti.AI is a software company that leverages AI analysis of dental x-rays and other media to automatically chart key abnormalities, past dental treatments, and additional relevant features to find problems earlier and improve productivity. The Enterprise Edition of its product is integrated with a range of practice management software and imaging equipment, automating the clinical workflow of dental support organizations across North America.
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