P&R Dental Strategies Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Hamilton, NJ, March 13, 2020 — As you know, the potential impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic took a turn this week with the President’s declaration this afternoon of a National Emergency and the spate of cancellations of industry conferences and sporting events, school closings, new travel restrictions and continued turmoil in the stock market.

We at P&R Dental have been carefully monitoring all of these developments and have been hard at work for weeks preparing, refining and implementing our Coronavirus Contingency Plan to address the changing environment. Our Plan is designed to protect the health and safety of our employees while seamlessly maintaining all P&R functions, including all of our products and services and all of our customer service activities.

We have already implemented steps to reduce the risk of infection in our offices, including:

  • All of our employees have been encouraged to adopt an increased level of hand hygiene and improved cough etiquette. We have posted informational posters on COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in all of our offices.
  • Our offices are being cleaned and disinfected more frequently and we have placed additional hand sanitizers and wipes in all office locations.
  • We are following CDC guidelines and urging any employee who has symptoms of acute respiratory illness to stay home and not come to work until they are free of fever.

In light of this week’s developments, we are now implementing the next phase of our Contingency Plan which includes non-essential travel restrictions and secure work-from-home options for our non-office-essential employees.

We have carefully structured the Plan to minimize any potential disruption to our operations and are confident that you will continue to receive the excellent product support and customer service to which you are accustomed from P&R.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep you fully informed of any developments that affect our operations.

Thanks very much for your business and your support as we manage through these uncertain times.

Paul T. Sheils


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