News Release: Q&A with CEO Paul T. Sheils – Discussing the Launch of the DentaQual® Leaders in Quality™ EliteStar™ Dentist Awards.

The inaugural DentaQual Leaders in Quality EliteStar Dentist awards were announced this Fall. New Capital Partners spoke with our CEO Paul T. Sheils about the impact the program could have on the dental industry.

HAMILTON, NJ, November 28, 2018 — The DentaQual Leaders in Quality EliteStar Dentist awards are breaking new ground — never before has anyone recognized the best dentists across the country based on objective quality measures. Traditionally, dental consumers and decision-makers used subjective, anecdotal online reviews and word of mouth to find or do business with providers. Our Leaders in Quality initiative seeks to change how the dental industry thinks about quality and we hope leads to an increased use of objective quality scoring in dental decision making. These awards are an industry first and we’re confident that this will lead to a transformation in the way dental quality is measured across the country. Read more about the DentaQual Leaders in Quality program in our CEO Paul T. Sheils’ sit-down interview with New Capital Partners here. For more information about the DentaQual Leaders in Quality recognition program visit To learn more about P&R Dental Strategies, DentaQual and our multi-payer database, DentaBase®, visit Full disclosure: P&R Dental Strategies is a New Capital Partners portfolio company.  

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