Offer Reduced Risk and Quality Controls to Your Self-Insured Customers

P&R Dental Strategies’ suite of dental insights solutions can help reduce the risk faced by self-funded employer plans through monitoring for signs of waste and abuse, prior to payment. Self-funded plans can offer their employees improved care and control costs with actionable business intelligence and quality assessment solutions from P&R Dental Strategies, the premier dental insights company.

P&R Dental Strategies Helps Your Business

  • P&R Dental Strategies Enterprise Solutions will differentiate your business with value-add solutions that matter to your self-insured customers.

P&R Dental Strategies Helps Your Customers

  • Reduce Employer Risk and Stop Paying for Unnecessary Services: With P&R Dental Strategies’ Pronto™, self-funded employer plans have a sophisticated analytics engine available to ensure they pay the right claims and that potentially wasteful or abusive services are selected for review by a licensed dentist.
  • Deliver The Highest Quality Dentists for Employees: With P&R Dental Strategies’ DentaQual™ a self-funded employer plan can effectively measure the quality of dental care provided to employees with outcomes-based benchmarks that are objective and peer-ranked.

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