Utilization Review

P&R Dental Strategies’ highly acclaimed Utilization Review solutions deploy advanced technology, deep clinical expertise and excellent customer service help your analyze, manage and control your dental benefit costs.

P&R Dental Strategies’ utilization management procedures have been accredited by URAC since 2010. URAC’s Health Utilization Management accreditation ensures that all organizations conducting utilization review follow a clinically sound process and respect patients’ and providers’ rights while giving payers reasonable guidelines to follow. Accreditation ensures the adequacy of health utilization management programs through evaluation against broadly recognized standards and measures.  
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Reimbursements

    Are you reimbursing for dental services that are not medically necessary or not properly documented? P&R Dental Strategies' Professional Claim Review draws on the clinical and claims review experience of over 70 highly skilled licensed dentists across the country to help you identify and eliminate reimbursement of unnecessary or improper dental services.
  • Improve Productivity

    Would you like to dramatically improve the productivity of your clinical review team? P&R Dental Strategies' HIPAA-compliant, web-based Claim Review Management System digitizes and streamlines the claims review process from end-to-end, and helps your clinical review team be more accurate, productive and efficient.
  • Cut Turnaround for Clinical Review

    Are you frustrated by long turnaround times during clinical review of dental claims? Improving the quality of submitted images can substantially reduce your clinical review turnaround time, and our Rapid Review Imaging System is the tool to help you do just that.